Call for Contributors

Each month, we post a new curated conversation with three participants; one curator and two conversationalists.

This page lists two types of calls for contributors. The first type is an ongoing/open call. This section explains the roles of participants and the various options available to participate. The second type is a  Specific Calls section.  Individual projects that need participants or topics the Editors would like to cover are listed.

Specific Calls
Last Updated: February 25, 2014

Remembering Stuart Hall: Trajectories and Permutations

The recent passing of Stuart Hall has occasioned reflections and remembrances across academe. Casting a long shadow across the world of Cultural Studies, Hall’s personality and gracious spirit have been excellently catalogued and eulogized in the pages of sundry other publications. In the collaborative spirit that underlies our project, Culture in Conversation instead offers scholars and researchers a space to converse and compare their intellectual trajectories, excavating the traces and deep marks bearing Stuart Hall’s influence.

We are not asking for fully crafted essays or research studies. Instead, we seek the kind of open engagement engendered by scholarly conversation.

Specifically, we seek conversations and contributions that are reflexive in scope, yet also point the way to new possibilities. Using Hall’s texts, concepts, methods, or practices as an originating point, we seek contributors interested in revealing to others how they’ve made his work useful in their own lines of inquiry. We seek conversations and contributions that retread and capture intellectual cartographies, leaving maps for those who may come later. We offer the following suggestions as a starting point, and welcome other, overlooked topics.

  • The possibility of contemporary conjectural analysis.
  • “Encoding/decoding” in a digital world
  • The Atlantic-sized gulf between British and American Cultural Studies
  • Continued negotiations of identity
  • The evolving politics of image and representation
  • Doing things with Marx and Gramsci no one has seen before
  • Deconstructing the contemporary popular
  • The ever-widening circuit of culture
  • The legacy of Policing the Crisis
  • Contesting the politics to come

Interested individuals should consult our style guidelines below and familiarize themselves with prior conversations published on this site.

Deadline April 15, 2014. Submissions may be e-mailed to

Ongoing/Open Call

To submit a proposal send an email to outlining the details of your proposal. There is not required length, however proposals should include names and roles of all participants, a brief explanation of the topic, the value of the conversation and how it will be presented (i.e – curated Q&A, brief intro & conclusion/summary, and a description of any supporting elements that will be included, if any). These can include images, video, audio clips, artwork, etc.

All submissions will receive a confirmation of receipt via email. Our Editors will review all proposals and respond within 2-4 weeks.

There are several ways you can participate in Culture in Conversation.

1. Organize a Conversation. Begin by proposing a topic and recruiting two conversationalists and a curator. We heartily welcome proposals that come to us fully-formed, with all of the participants in place. Once a fully-organized conversation is approved, the organizer or curator will conduct the conversation and then provide us with the final materials, which we will then review and publish.

2. Submit your interest in a topic or role and we will post your information on this page to help recruit the remaining members to round out a conversation.

  • Propose a conversation participant (conversationalist)
  • Propose a curator
  • Suggest a topic

3. Respond to one of our existing topic-specific Calls to be considered as a potential curator or conversationalist. (See Specific Calls section below for a list of current topics.)


Please take a look at our existing content to get an idea for the style and structure of conversations. Although we do not have specific requirements, we do suggest the following approximate lengths for each submission:

  • Length of Curators Introduction (300-600 words)
  • Length of conversation (minimum 3 responses per conversationalist = total of 6)
  • Length of Curators Summary/Review (300-600 words)

We are open to alternative formats and presentation modes and encourage proposals containing non-standard communication modes such as email interactions, videos, audio recordings, visual displays, etc.


Editor: The Co-Founders of CIC currently fulfill the role of Editor.

Organizer: This person chooses the topic, recruits all participants. This is more of an administrative role, but the same individual may act as both an organizer as well as a curator or conversationalist.

Curator: This person contextualizes the conversation. This role can be performed in several different ways. An introduction and summary/conclusion to the conversation can be provided. The introduction provides biographical information on the participants and details their expertise in the topic. The importance of the conversation is explained and any rationales behind the topic. A summary/conclusion can be used to provide insights after the conversation, meanings, future directions, outcomes, etc. The curator may also choose to act as an interviewer, guiding the conversation in particular directions based on responses and desired topics.

Conversationalist: At least two conversationalists participate in each discussion. Ideally, each conversationalist comes to the discussion with a clearly distilled perspective, or at least breadth of knowledge and professional engagement with the topic at hand.


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